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Choices to make…


“CHOICES” a heavy word for a individual which led you to either positive or negative side of the life.

I believe some choices just do splendid job but the opposite choice is more or less a messy situation which no doubt leave a experience to learn about life. If individual starts taking responsibility of his/her choices it would be easy to tackle the world of “STRESS”.

Ranting or regretting about choices made will eventually end up as a bad move in chess. Watching your decisions as a outsider is sometimes a great helping hand as it not only gives another perspective but as well as solutions sometimes.

Believing in your choice through out helps to boost the confidence you carry for the decisions and a positive attitude towards life. Every person in his/her life thinks that if I have not chosen this at that time might be I wouldn’t be in this situation now, So best answer to this is past can’t be change and present you are living to make your future better than your past.

“I made so many choices good or bad and I am responsible for them” blaming others will definitely bitter your relation with the person.



Can I marry at the AGE I want ?

Society this and society that….

Hello dear SOCIETY,

This post is all about a girl who doesn’t want to get married till she get a stable career for her and gets fully independent. In India the society talks about that the girl at this age (25-29) should be married and if its bit late age like 30-31 then one thing all say ” Oh ladki mein koi problem hogi”. Why there is right for a boy to be independent and then get married on his preferable age but not girls?

We say India society is no more narrow minded but still we are lacking in this we truly are not so modern yet. It may be right on there part and it’s there choice. What about the girls dream?

I felt this to be a part of society as a evil residence. Being independent will help the girl to have a secure future if any issue occurs in marriage. She can earn and get herself get shelter at that time. I don’t know when all this will be understood by those ” NARROW MINDED PARENTS “. Waiting for that day to come.


A girl need parents support, kindly support them for what they are right.

A request from your daughter. _/\_


When DAD is no less than MEAN GIRL…



Hello Guys,

You must be thinking about the heading. Well this heading is best suited for those DADS there who think they are teaching (whatever you can say) their children in right way. But I feel sad for those kids 😦

One of my friend told me some nice incidents about the “big tantrum throwing Dad” and the kid. This DAD is really huge in physical layout but a very tiny mind. This DAD is always have a mean think- let me explain what “mean thinking” is about it is that when “DAD” want some work to be done he is sweet more than “honey” and when the work is done he is bitter more than “dark chocolate”  😀

This is not only one incident. Well I would love to mention that this DAD is too damn rich but he cant even think correct that what gift he should give to his own wife on Birthday. Like what that money is for when you can’t even celebrate your own wife’s birthday. Thinking only about yourself doesn’t make you DAD even not a HUMAN. So baby DAD grow up.

This article is totally for those DADS who know how to earn but doesn’t know how to spend, who know how to have babies but doesn’t know how to grow them up and last but not least who doesn’t even know what happiness really is.

Well please don’t take it personally it is just for those MEAN DAD who can’t be there for their family.

Have a nice day 🙂




Websites which may be life saver or changer.


Dear Readers,

I am all back with some most helpful and experienced websites. I got many ideas from these websites for life hacks, finances, study, and many more. Especially girls will love it. Have a look.

And most best is

Hope you would love them 🙂

Life without vacations.



Here I am again with the new topic and topic I got from the argument between my sister and mother as she was complaining that our parents are never gonna take us to any place for holidays.

Can you imagine sitting home in holidays just at home not even single day out. No you can’t I bet but we go through this every holiday. I am not complaining but my life now like I am home sick now. I am Bored AF. Being home all time is like having hardcore monotonous life all the way.

Now when I am suffering through this I won’t like this happen to any other cousin of mine or my kids in future. I believe in things opposite to the thinking of my parents (55%) so that is normal. But then I find pleasure with you-tube. I am such a crazy you-tube addicted that if I am at home I will be on you-tube whole day watching all the series of different reality shows, you-tuber routine and many of things.

Initially when I was going through this I was depressed and felled pity about me but now I am adapted to it. But I wonder when I will be free from my studies at that moment I will be traveling all the way I want. At that moment What exactly will be my feeling. Well keeping that a suspense for further. Right now I learned that one should adapt as the situation if you can’t change the situation. Well hope you guys also come over for your problems or thoughts. Have a great day.



After Job Life :/


Greetings to all !!!

Here I am with my story basically my life after job.

I resigned my job few days back for my further studies. This decision was predefined a year ago. My decision affected a lot to my daily routine and which I am adapting slowly. Leaving job is really tough but not more important than making career this is accepted by me a long time back.

Now when I am “JOBLESS” literally free I feel bored and less creative and least output is from my side.

During the period of my job I was productive in every phase and for that I would like to thanks to the organization for bringing best out of me. Even I think how able I was to do all that Job alone and in team as well.

But to keep my abilities sharp and more creative I am back on my blog and will shortly will be with new projects. Will share with all you. Till then have a nice day. 🙂

Anyone can share there stories with me at and will blog post here and if need any advise also you can email me.

You-tubers help you alot :)

Having concern for who want to learn. I am sharing the videos of the different you-tubers. And hope these videos help you lot. Just have look and you can also subscribe them for the future use. Have a nice day and stay careful 🙂

credits to NikkiPhillipi

credits to OliviaRouyre

Credits NataliesOutlet

Nice website to earn money online

Hello all today I am sharing a  really helpful site link just go below and sign-up for this website name Cash Crate. This website is for those who want to do work by home. All of you can just follow simple steps.

Hope you guys who are really free and want to earn some money can have a look on this website its link will be provided below.

Guys you can earn 100 $ a day if you successfully did the surveys or viewed the videos or what ever you decide to go with as this has a lots of options. You won’t get bored by this that is my guarantee.



Links of some of the helpful daily-routines

Hello, it’s been very long time have not posted. So, here are some daily routine inspirational and motivational hacks, tips and tricks especially for the girls.

Dear ladies pay attention to these links and enjoy these to make your every single day a perfect day of life.

And this list is the filtered list for all the YOUTUBE VIDEO lovers.

ENJOY 🙂 Credits to all YouTubers. @ingridnilsen @glamrs

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