Here I am again with the new topic and topic I got from the argument between my sister and mother as she was complaining that our parents are never gonna take us to any place for holidays.

Can you imagine sitting home in holidays just at home not even single day out. No you can’t I bet but we go through this every holiday. I am not complaining but my life now like I am home sick now. I am Bored AF. Being home all time is like having hardcore monotonous life all the way.

Now when I am suffering through this I won’t like this happen to any other cousin of mine or my kids in future. I believe in things opposite to the thinking of my parents (55%) so that is normal. But then I find pleasure with you-tube. I am such a crazy you-tube addicted that if I am at home I will be on you-tube whole day watching all the series of different reality shows, you-tuber routine and many of things.

Initially when I was going through this I was depressed and felled pity about me but now I am adapted to it. But I wonder when I will be free from my studies at that moment I will be traveling all the way I want. At that moment What exactly will be my feeling. Well keeping that a suspense for further. Right now I learned that one should adapt as the situation if you can’t change the situation. Well hope you guys also come over for your problems or thoughts. Have a great day.