Society this and society that….

Hello dear SOCIETY,

This post is all about a girl who doesn’t want to get married till she get a stable career for her and gets fully independent. In India the society talks about that the girl at this age (25-29) should be married and if its bit late age like 30-31 then one thing all say ” Oh ladki mein koi problem hogi”. Why there is right for a boy to be independent and then get married on his preferable age but not girls?

We say India society is no more narrow minded but still we are lacking in this we truly are not so modern yet. It may be right on there part and it’s there choice. What about the girls dream?

I felt this to be a part of society as a evil residence. Being independent will help the girl to have a secure future if any issue occurs in marriage. She can earn and get herself get shelter at that time. I don’t know when all this will be understood by those ” NARROW MINDED PARENTS “. Waiting for that day to come.


A girl need parents support, kindly support them for what they are right.

A request from your daughter. _/\_