“CHOICES” a heavy word for a individual which led you to either positive or negative side of the life.

I believe some choices just do splendid job but the opposite choice is more or less a messy situation which no doubt leave a experience to learn about life. If individual starts taking responsibility of his/her choices it would be easy to tackle the world of “STRESS”.

Ranting or regretting about choices made will eventually end up as a bad move in chess. Watching your decisions as a outsider is sometimes a great helping hand as it not only gives another perspective but as well as solutions sometimes.

Believing in your choice through out helps to boost the confidence you carry for the decisions and a positive attitude towards life. Every person in his/her life thinks that if I have not chosen this at that time might be I wouldn’t be in this situation now, So best answer to this is past can’t be change and present you are living to make your future better than your past.

“I made so many choices good or bad and I am responsible for them” blaming others will definitely bitter your relation with the person.