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Fraud @ 11000

I couldn’t find any other title for this reality. Yes, another fraud happened and these fraudsters need to get jailed. These people have done fraud with people who want to earn from doing hard work. These guys have crossed all limit.

We have got 3 incidents proofs with respective emails and so, there will be many more. These guys just put ads on sites like Olx, Guru, Indeed, etc. and people get in touch with them without knowing the whole story behind the scene these innocent people get in talk with them and trust them. Same thing happened and the girl name “Swathi”did the fraud and the company name she told “DataSolutionz” and they used many sims for doing this fraud I am mentioning all the numbers here and you all should be aware of these numbers 7097115079, 8121910184 and 9032736555. They may use new numbers for the frauds. Well, you should never pay any registration amount for any kind of work. Just stay aware from these kind of frauds. They ask you write some 60-70 pages and say they will pay you around 11000 and then they say that the person has to do registration of 1100 Rs. This transaction was done to Mr. Venketesh account of SBI Branch. I have mentioned all the details in my before articles just have a look and stay away from such kind of frauds.

After knowing about some of the previous articles they have contacted and asked to remove the article and said they will pay soon, but there is no payment till yet. Such a height of shameful acts. Here I provide you the proofs just have the look how they frame people and some emails from the victims with whom they have done fraud.

mobile-screenshot-online-job-fraudsemail-screenshot-online-job-fraudsproofprf 1


Are BEGGARS are really BEGGARS?


Yes, my question is: Are beggars are really beggars? Whenever I roam on the road I met around more than 10 beggars continuously and all are of age around 20-30 years or really small kids 5-6 years.

First let me talk about 5-6 years old beggars according to the Law they are not supposed to beg at all but they are. They should be at schools as there is free education till 8th class, but still they are begging. No one is there to stop them as their own parents don’t want their kids to get educated. They feel that their kids are the best source of income for them. And they teach them how to beg and sometimes they make irritated to the other person.

Now, talking about the 20-30 years of beggars. These are the most unbelievable. They are so fit and fine that they can earn by hard work, but they are not willing to do as they get a lot by begging itself. The most horrible is when they follow you and then you feel to give them something and get freed from them. They target mostly people on traffic lights, parks, parking area, etc. they feel they can get easily and which happen soon.

If you ask them to work for you and you will pay them they will disagree and move away from you. Some might be thinking that this thing is wrong, but I have applied this theory a 2-3 years ago. I asked the lady to work as a maid for me and I will pay her a good pay, but the reaction of her was that she was not seen again in that area when I was there. The main thing is they are not willing to do any work. They only want to beg as they learned the easiest way of income.

Kindly, do help those beggars which are not fit (physically handicapped) or aged. But avoid helping the beggars which are fit and fine and can earn by work.

“The Life of Show-Offs” and the era of “Selfies”.


The life of show off. Today era is full of show-offs.

Let me give you some examples, like if someone is giving 10 Rs. to beggar he/she is going to tell you “Bichare nu mein 10 rs. dete roti khalu”. And that same person will abuse those “Bicharas” even they goes two steps after them just for begging. The point is either the person should not show off or person should not do any kind of charity.

In earlier elders says that if your right hand did charity then your left hand should not know about the charity, but in today’s era not only your left hand but the person standing the extreme left to you gets to know about your charity.

And putting light on selfie trends. The selfies are very common nowadays that even people in cremation ground take selfies and put them on the post and writes the saddest moments ever. Means how could anyone do this at least please forgive the rested soul. I don’t say taking a selfie is wrong, but one should analyze the situation and stop show-offs that won’t help you anyway.

Data Solutionz The Fraud Company

Hello, everyone today i am writing this article to raise voice against the Online work Frauds. This fraud took a month back and the person sent the story please have a look on this story the link is provided below. I give you the brief that the person did online work and submitted the project and also registered to the company for further work the registration amount was RS 1100 and payment of the victim was RS 11000. These fraudsters are targeting the people who are searching job on OLX . And the fraudster also read and called back and said there was some issues and they will pay soon but till now no payment is received. The name of the fraudster is SWATHI and the number she used to call was “7097115079” which is now “out of reach” and she said she is the employee of the company DATA SOLUTIONZ and yesterday her Husbands calls and asks to remove this article but the Author denied and asked him to pay the hard work. Here are some proofs of there messages done to the victim and email for the project.



Beware of this Frauds in this technical era. Please have a look on the link and read the story so to avoid any kind of online frauds. Stay safe and happy.

Coming Trends in Mobile Applications


Top 5 mobile application development trends in 2016.

Trends going to be followed in coming year 2016 are likely to be same for the both ANDROID users as well as IOS or we can say WINDOWS users as following:

  1. Cloud based Development – The experts feel that coming year all the users will prefer cloud storage as it supports to carry actual size of the files. And this will help to use the data stored in cloud on other smart devices. So, data is easily usable and gives ease of access.
  2. Users experience based Apps – The apps will be totally the user experience based you can say for example if the person is not willing to have account on LinkedIn that app will not be in-built like other apps example – Facebook, G mail or twitter.
  3. Location- based Apps – The apps will be location based so that the person is easily traceable or we can say that phone is easily traceable if it gets lost by the owner.
  4. Internet of Things (Io T) – The main use of internet in apps are mandatory so all the users are going to be the addicted users of internet.
  5. Security – The main point of the app will be the security. We can say data breach will not be possible in the coming era so the apps will have the main clause of security for the users.

These are not the enough to explain the trends many trends are going to be followed in coming year like wearable technology, swift programming language, rise of free apps, etc. hope this was useful 🙂 .

The best way not to gain WEIGHT at WORK.


Hello friends sharing this best link with you guys so to remain fit and fine. Just enjoy the video and you will love to implement so to make your lifestyle better and i bet fitness freak people would love this video.

This is the best video for the working people. Link is provided just have a look. And have a regular check on this site for more updates.

Why women should not take STEROIDS?


An article about muscle building

In this fitness freak (or I say fitness concerned) world every one’s need or want is to be in a particular shape and one must be thinking about females being more concerned no male and female both are in race of being fit and in shape. But males take help of diet supplements or steroids females also do so. But is this right putting your body on medicine for being fit. Steroids may not be heard by few people so let me explain what steroids are. Steroids are found in two types namely anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. The steroids being used for muscle building are anabolic steroids which are great help. And corticosteroids are use for the treatment of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Steroids can be recommended by the doctor for those who suffers from late puberty as the steroids behaves like male sex hormones. But some athletes misuse steroids that are addicted to win. Now you must be thinking how steroids help to win. A steroid helps to build the inner muscles in a high speed that one is very active and exited to participate in any kind of athlete. Steroids are not good if taken in high quantity and should never be take without doctors consent and this is illegal if you intake steroids without doctor’s prescription. Doctors don’t recommend these for women as these are helpful to men.

Now, you must be thinking why women should not take steroids? So, let me list you few reasons for that:

  • Male pattern baldness also called androgenic alopecia a kind of hair loss. And its major cause is change in hormones and which are result of intake of steroids. And this hair loss is 80 percent permanent.
  • Then voice deepened means a manly voice or a heavy voice and permanently become hoarse. This can be cured by vocal surgery or by vocal exercises.
  • Detrimental changes to menstrual cycles. This occurs due to intake of steroids and results into blood clotting and over flow in the days of menstrual cycle which leads into blood loss in body.
  • Mood swings also get changed by these. One becomes irritating and frustrating. He/she doesn’t like any kind of atmosphere or environment.
  • The body becomes highly vulnerable to the infectious disease and can be hospitalized on a common cold or fever. Can develop kidney diseases or cancer.
  • A high risk of cervical and uterine atrophy. By this women experience the male aging characteristics. Her body doesn’t respond properly to the development of female hormones.
  • If a pregnant lady consumes steroids she is not only harming herself but also stopping the growth of her unborn baby. And may also result to uterus cancer or infertile of uterus.

So it’s a humble request not to use steroids without doctor’s prescriptions and let’s be free from steroids abuse.

“Sabh Sikhan ko Hukam hai Guru maneyo Granth”


“Guru Maneyo Granth” the words of the almighty Guru- Shri Guru Gobind Singh. Before going in the hand of Lords Guru Ji ordered Sikh Community to Worship “Adi Granth” as Guru. Guru Ji made Guru Granth Sahib as his successor. But in last few days our Guru is being torn by some “non-humans”.

What is exact motive behind this no one can say but doing this is exactly wrong and can only stopped by providing the CCTV privilege in Gurudwara’s which is done by the govt. but this action was too late.

Everyone is posting videos of different regions regarding police actions on the citizens on DHARNAS and the action is really cruel and i feel like to suspend those “STUPID COPS” they might be on duty but have no right to harm any one without any reason as the citizens are silently showing their anger and i would proudly say to those cops that- “Sher sute hai ta sute rehende je Uth gaye ta bhajan nu Tha nh milni”.

Peace has to be maintained otherwise this would lead to many conflicts and Punjab has already been the target of conflicts from 1947. All we can do is to help other by standing by the other and show unity of the Community for the protection of the other and can end up the conflicts. “Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh”

On-line video is the future of Content Marketing

On-Line Video The Future
On-Line Video The Future

Why online video is the future of Content Marketing

As we all have experienced that watching a movie is more adapted by the brain the person remembers each and every dialogue but if you have to remember you syllabus or any of the course content then you will take time to learn and may not remind at the time of exams or may not find that interesting. So, it is proved that a video is much interested and easy way of learning. That’s why people or we can say teachers show small kids the videos so that they can adapt the moral values or the learning material. Now you must be thinking how online video will be the future of Content Marketing.

So, here are the facts that in this internet world people connect to one another by the videos and search for the video for the better learning’s and outcomes and give the numerous choices. Online videos set examples for the others and give motivation to do the same in a particular or authentic way. Brand Managers can promote their brand product that how the products can can be used and also how the consumer can use the same product. Online video act as a guide for the consumers. When it comes for correctness the videos are the best friend of the consumer and the brand also. One can use the brand in a right way without any damage to the product and the consumer. Not only are guide online videos also helpful for the entertainment purpose.

The popular companies put their effort in online videos as they understand that the consumer is not able to reach to the best use of the product by the manual so the video will help them to see the actual usage and technique to be used. Let’s take example of two chocolate companies promoting its new product and you’re the consumer and one company just hand over you a pamphlet and the other company makes a on-line video of how delicious is the chocolate and how the others are satisfied by their product. Then you as a consumer would love to taste the chocolate of the pamphlet advertised company or the company which made the video and show how other are satisfied. Like this brand managers manage to promote their respective brands.

The brand managers try to make the video so relevant that they are most suitable for the consumers to help or guide. Not only today’s generation but old generation also takes help of the videos for their problems, guidance, experiences, entertainment, etc. the videos made by the brand managers help them to promote their brand and have a profit. The brand managers use the SEO (search engine optimization) just to verify that their respective video is authenticated and the video is made by the brand just for the consumers help. It takes all the hard work of the brand manager as he/she has to promote the product and then that product need a correct advertising media which can be the on-line video as there are approachable to the internet savvy peoples.

Content marketing always need an advertisement which will go along with the time and at this moment and the future the on-line videos will be the most helpful and entertaining too. The future generation is all depend on the internet and to know the each and every fact takes the help of internet. So, the idea behind the on-line video is to make the availability of the guidance for the fact and ideas or we can say functioning of the products. Brand makers think that the video is best way to convey the motive behind the use and purchase of the product. So, the on-line videos are the future of the content marketing.

So, these are the reasons that why the on-line videos are the best future for the content marketing. And how these on-line videos will carry the future of the products. These on-line videos are the trend in the internet world and will remain a techs savvy trend. As all the smart phone holders the on-line videos are most approachable. So, people will adapt these on-line videos in their routine.

Hope you all agree to this reasons ad they are facts why on-line videos are the future of content marketing.

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